About: iPfam

iPfam is a resource that describes physical interactions between protein families (currently just Pfam) that have a known structure in the Protein DataBank (PDB). When two or more domains occur within a single structure, the domains are analysed to see if they form an interaction. If the domains are close enough to form an interaction, the bonds that play a role in that interaction are determined. The structures are also analysed to identify interactions between the domain(s) and any small molecule ligands that are co-crystalized with the structure.

iPfam has been designed to take advantage of advancements in modern browsers. It is recommended that visitors use Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 or newer, Apple's Safari, Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome.

iPfam, release 1.0, is based on the following datasets:

  • PDB mirrored from RCSB on 2013-08-26
  • SIFTS download on 2013-08-26
  • Pfam, release 27.0